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Orders for Standard Collection tiles are shipped within 2 business days of receiving the order.

The delivery times for Custom Tiles vary according to the design and programming needs of customers.

All delivery times provided are as directed by USPS shipped from our warehouse in Kilmarnock VA.

During delivery, all customers are responsible for inspecting the shipment for shortages or damages. Any problems with delivery must be photographed and noted and emailed to us. Take time to ensure that this is done effectively during delivery to avoid costs associated with the replacement material for your order. Make sure you have someone on site to accept your delivery, as any missed delivery or refusal to deliver will result in storage and return fees.

Please contact us within a maximum of 24 hours after delivery and we will work to replace any items damaged in transit as soon as possible!

 The successful delivery checklist:

1. Check all items against the packing list during delivery

2. Take pictures and observe any damages

3. Contact us immediately at


Our tiles are manufactured according to each order, so we do not accept returns.If you have any questions about the color or design of the tile, contact us at to find out how to get a sample before placing your order.

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