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gloria clifford


Gloria Clifford, has always had a deep love for the ocean and tropical habitats. As a professional painter, she chooses a brilliant color palette to capture the attention of her audience. Gloria does this to get an urgent message of the plight of endangered and threatened species across to her viewers.

A quote from the artist: “One of the greatest joys within my life is knowing that my paintings bring awareness to the plight of endangered species. I am immensely thankful for this God given talent and for the blessing of having a career that I absolutely adore. One of my greatest accomplishments to date has been my involvement within a global community as a member of the Ocean Artists Association. Creating art to help our planet has been such an incredible honor! ”

As a SEASONED LICENSED ARTIST, Gloria Clifford's brilliantly colored images are also featured on products within many local retail shops. Her creative images and artistic talent has quickly spread across the globe within the licensed world, specifically within the Home Decor Industry.

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