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Bring exclusivity to your home

Tiles Projects is the union between art and architecture - a symbiotic relationship where one inspires the other.

Through the art of tile, we create designs that reflect the balance between space, color, lines, planes, volume and light.

With an unlimited color palette, you have the option to select from our standard collection, or create custom designed tiles adding a special touch to your space.

Playing with the unexpected, we create tiles with unique, surprising and eye-catching combinations of color and form.

Ours professional design consultants will help you select the layout of tiles, creating a custom arrangement that will become the focal point of any room.


Suellen Meller


Architect Suellem Meller bring us modern style, with geometric and organic shapes, with touches of elegance creating an authentic ambience with a lot of personaly.




Grafic Designer Leslie Rennolds brings her love for pattern and color to her tile designs. Her tiles form elegant murals and also colorful illustrations to be used as a highlight.



Illustrator, Graffiti Artist and Architect Camz was inspired by multisensory elements of Indian patterning. In addition to the beautiful look, Indian design always brings an aura of mystery, magic and fantasy. The way in which organic and geometric forms meet, always resulting in beautiful compositions.


gisela friaca


Fashion Designer Gisela Friaca brought to Collection her passion for sewing and flowers, aligning her practices as a stylist.
  She planted buds, which germinated into two beautiful flowers, Streliza and Heliconia. Between coming and going, backstitching, basting, buttons and flowers, the Germination Collection emerged.


gloria clifford


Artist Gloria Clifford has always had a deep love for the ocean and tropical habitats. As a professional painter, she chooses a palette of bright colors to draw the public's attention. Her collection brings beautiful murals that perfectly fit the ambience.


rebecca maywald


Chef Rebecca Maywald created a Collection that was warm and personal, while paying tribute to some of the international foods she loves. The idea of the Collection is the customers personalize for themselves, for their kitchens, after all, if you want to make beautiful food, you have to create it in an inspiring and joyful space.